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Neonatologist Doctor In Tirupati

Although your physician can help with most infant health issues, a neonatologist is specially educated to deal with the most complex and high-risk circumstances.

A neonatologist doctors in tirupati may assist at the moment of delivery and in the subsequent care of your infant if he or she is premature or has a significant sickness, injury, or birth defect. If a problem is discovered before your baby is born, a neonatologist may be called in to confer with your obstetrician about your baby's care.

What Kinds of Treatments Do Neonatologists Provide?

In general, neonatologists perform the following services:

Endoscopy (upper endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy) is also taught to gastroenterologists by qualified educators. Endoscopy is a procedure that involves viewing the inside of the intestine using narrow, flexible illuminated tubes with built-in video cameras. This specialized training involves a thorough examination of how and when to do endoscopy, the best ways for safely and successfully completing these tests, and the use of sedative drugs to ensure the comfort and safety of patients. Advanced endoscopic treatments including polypectomy (removal of colon polyps), esophageal and intestinal dilatation (stretching of narrowed regions), and hemostasis are also taught to gastroenterology residents (injection or cautery to stop bleeding). Importantly, gastroenterologists learn how to analyze the findings and biopsy results of these studies in order to make the best decisions possible.

During the training phase, the most important emphasis is on attention to detail and incorporating their full knowledge of the entire gastrointestinal tract in order to give the best endoscopic and consultation services possible. The end result is a highly skilled specialist with a rare combination of extensive scientific knowledge, general Internal Medicine training, outstanding endoscopic abilities and experience, and the ability to integrate these elements to give patients with the best possible health care.

A gastroenterologist must also have a thorough awareness of diseases that impact the gastrointestinal system's organs, such as:

  • Diagnose and treat diseases such as respiratory problems, infections, and birth abnormalities in neonates.
  • Coordinate care and medically manage premature, critically unwell, or surgically requiring babies.
  • Ensure that critically unwell neonates get the nourishment they need to heal and flourish.
  • Provide newborn care during a cesarean or other delivery in which the mother or baby has a medical condition that could jeopardize the infant's health and necessitates medical intervention in the delivery room.
  • Stabilize and treat neonates who are suffering from life-threatening medical conditions.
  • Concerns concerning newborn infants should be discussed with obstetricians, pediatricians, and family physicians.


Mechanical Ventilation

Famous Neonatologists in tirupati are mainly found in hospitals' special care nurseries or neonatal intensive care units. After some time, in some circumstances,

High Frequency Ventilators

Conventional ventilators may fail babies with serious lung illness. High frequency ventilation is available for such infants.

Universal Hearing Screening

Hearing tests are performed on all newborns born at Mar Sleeva Medicity Palai in order to detect early deafness. Parental Nutrition: Because small preterm and ill neonates are unable to accept oral feeding, they require intravenous glucose, lipids, and proteins. This parenteral nourishment is prepared under aseptic conditions in a laminar flow environment and administered intravenously until the baby can accept oral feeding.

Neuro imaging

Premature babies should have their brains ultrasounded on a regular basis. We have bedside ultrasonography available, and advanced neuroimaging services such as MRI are available in the hospital if needed. In Kottayam, only a few neonatal units have an MRI machine in their hospital.

Neuro developmental Care

Our team includes occupational therapists and support personnel that visit the NICU on a regular basis to assist the unwell babies with their developmental needs. When the newborns return for follow-up care after being discharged, the assistance continues.

Bedside Echocardiography and Cardiac Services

The importance of bedside echocardiography in the early detection and treatment of heart abnormalities cannot be overstated. We have a team of highly trained cardiologists on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phototherapy and Exchange Transfusion

Significant jaundice in babies necessitates the use of special lights known as phototherapy, and in rare circumstances, an exchange transfusion.

Genetic Counseling Services

All newborns and children coming to our hospital are examined for metabolic and genetic problems. Our staff is here to help babies who have been diagnosed with genetic abnormalities or are suspected of having them.

Eye Examination

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a disease that affects very preterm babies and can result in blindness if not treated promptly. Our ophthalmologists will evaluate the retina of these preterm children on a regular basis to prevent ROP, as recommended by worldwide recommendations. Babies with advanced ROP are treated with bedside laser therapy to slow the disease's progression. .

Parent Involvement

Parents are also active in their ill child's care; they are urged to hug the baby close to their skin (Kangaroo Mother Care), which aids in infant growth and development as well as lactation establishment. Mothers with non-feeding newborns are taught how to express milk and keep their lactation going. Our doctors will keep you informed about your child's progress and condition on a regular basis.


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