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Anaesthesiology is a discipline ofmedicine that allows for the safe use of medical medications to generate a reversible condition of entire or partial lack of responsiveness to surgical procedures, allowing them to be performed without causing the patient any discomfort or inconvenience.

Anesthesia is a term that is used to describe the state of being unconscious. The name 'anesthesia' comes from the Greek terms 'an', which means 'without,' and 'aesthesis,' which means sensation.' As a result, anesthesia literally means 'no sensation.'

Top Anaesthesiology and Anesthesiologist In Tirupati

The Department of Best Anaesthesiology Doctors at Narayanadri Hospital provides anesthetic care using the most sophisticated, safe, and patient-centered procedures available. By improving pre-operative patient status and providing comprehensive patient care during the early post-operative period, our team of highly competent and experienced Best Anesthesiologist In Tirupati seeks to provide the highest quality patient care not only in the operating rooms but also outside of them.

Types of Anaesthetics:

If you have to have surgery, your doctor will first give you an anaesthetic. During surgical procedures, anaesthetics are used to lessen or eliminate discomfort. In the healthcare industry, there are four different types of anaesthetics. Your doctor's choice of Best Anesthesiologist In Tirupati is based on a number of criteria, including the technique of your surgery and your current health.

Local anesthesia: Anesthesia that numbs only a small part of the body is known as local anaesthesia. Throughout the procedure, you remain awake and alert.

Conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation: involves the use of a moderate sedative to calm you and a pain reliever to alleviate your discomfort. You remain conscious, but you may not recall the surgery later.

Regional anesthesia: Regional anesthetic relieves pain in a specific body part, such as the arm or leg. Epidural anesthesia is a type of regional anesthetic that is sometimes used during childbirth.

General anesthesia: Anesthesia that affects your entire body is known as general anesthesia. You fall asleep with no sensations. You have no recollection of the operation.


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